Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Was Going Out For A Run...

Until, that is, I took delivery of my new road bike! After reading copious reviews and beginners guide I finally decided to waste - I mean spend wisely - my money on the Mekk 2G Poggio P2 Shimano 105. I'm not sure it has much street cred amongst real road cyclists but it looks pretty smart and due to its carbon frame weighs less than my love handles. I've nothing to gauge it against as to whether it'll be a good buy or not. So however it handles I'll think it's good.

I also got me some Shimano race shoes with floating SPD-SL cleats - christ, I don't know what I'm talking about. They feel quite scary or more accurately the fear of not disengaging my feet from the pedals when I stop. I have a vision of the only fools and horses bar scene... The last bit of kit was an upgrade of the 11-25 cassette thingy to a Shimano 11-28 Ultegra one. I think the 25 that the bike came with was too small for a beginner like me. I needed a couple of extra teeth in there to help me up the hills. Oh, and then the whole point of the thing, I also got a turbo trainer in order to replace my crippled exercise bike. Does one get a spare wheel in order to avoid damaging/wearing out your proper wheel? Time to hit the forums again.

Can't wait to give it a proper try out...

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