Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Off Till Monday


Decided to give my legs another days rest. I seem to be responding better and improving more quickly by having more rest days. Even when I miss three days in a row it doesn't seem to stall the gains. I'm all for more gain from less pain.

Well I didn't manage to plan anything for the mini-break so I'm going to make it up day by day. Tomorrow I'm going to go for a long ride - as ranked on my novice cyclist scale - through the forest. At this point I'm not sure quite how short - oops, I mean how far 'long' will actually equate to but it will definitely be my longest ride - well, I did tell you I am a complete novice.

Up Friday I'll try and head to the mountains with the Standish Wood Orienteering on Saturday. Sunday? Undecided on that. Maybe a run. Maybe a cycle ride. See how I feel. Might see if I can find me a local-ish race. Something short and sharp maybe.

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