Monday, September 17, 2012

Out On The Mountain...

The mountain bike, that is. I decided I didn't want to go too far on account that my legs are still sore. Surprisingly they do feel better than yesterday but they definitely need a rest. So I looked out the old GT - no, I didn't miss out the 'i'. It's been left unloved in the back of the shed for years. Caked with aeons worth of dust, dirt and grime. It looked a sorry sight and I set about stripping it down and cleaning it up. I got a little bored as it was taking too long so it's about fifty fifty on the clean stakes. I checked out all the gear changes and everything seemed to work OK. Could do with a proper overhaul really but that means taking it to pieces and cleaning each component. Haven't really got the time for that - or the bike maintenance expertise, so I'd probably put it back together wrong.

With the bike ready I put it to one side and set about clearing away the pile of cuttings and dead branches that's been sitting unsightly out the front of the house. It's been there since I cleaned the brook so I decided it was time. That job done and still feeling in the tidying mood I cut the lawn. I'm hoping I won't have to cut it many more times this year. Fingers crossed.

So with the morning gone I finally hopped on the mountain bike and headed into Flaxley Wood for a short ride. Short it may have been but it was surprisingly hard work. My quads still had no power and the climbs almost defeated me, the lactic acid burning. I cut my route short, managing just over six miles with 650 feet of ascent but that was enough. I think I'll have a total day off tomorrow.

That's me done for the day. It's time to put my feet up and relax.

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