Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Tinge Of Disappointment

Up early-ish, I headed out there for my longest ride to date. 31 miles over a mostly flat route although the section out of Upper Lydbrook to Ruardean and Drybrook was steep and had me using the new lower gearing afforded by the Ultegra 11-28. I didn't want to be too ambitious and I really enjoyed it. The tinge of disappointment? Well I mucked up my GPS and only realised it wasn't recording when I stopped to check the map in Ruardean - dooh. I missed the first 2/3rd of the ride!!!! Which included the main climb which I was really interested to see how slow I'd been. School boy error.

Anyway, what I had captured of the ride I uploaded to my new favourite online gimmicky thing, I can see myself becoming hooked on it quite quickly... As to the ride stats it was just over 31 miles with somewhere in the region of 2,250 feet of ascent with the largest single climb being that from Upper Lydbrook to Ruardean weighing in at around 500 feet. I managed to maintain an average speed of 15.3 mph although I took it fairly easy on some sections to take in the view and generally just enjoy being out there.

One of the best aspects of the ride was getting out there and seeing new parts of the forest. You cover so much more ground while riding over running and I've made a mental note of some new places to go for a run. There looks to be some nice forest down by Soudley and Yorkley. All in all it's been a good mornings workout.

Today's 31 mile ride...

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