Monday, November 12, 2007

Upper and Downer

We changed tack tonight and ran a longer one instead of the reps. Starting from the Water Tower on the Downs we ran down(er) to the Portway, along it and looped back up(per) via Stoke hill. The idea was to go out quick along the Portway and then ease back on the return. Things started off OK. Sean and Rick pegged it mind you, no problems there. I brought up the rear - no, enough. Harry and Ed started well but they're not used to the distance and slowed a bit - I did too but I can blame it on having to back mark.

On the return I pushed it up the climbs - as only I do, doubling back to meet with H and E. It was on Stoke Hill that I spotted them moving, how shall I put this, less than quickly - if you get my drift. Upon seeing me their pace improved a bit - suspicious.

Anyway, I have a rest day planned for tomorrow and then Wednesday's track session.

Thought for the day: Those who struggle can fail. Those who don't struggle have already failed.

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Anonymous said...

Not a comment, more a heads-up you might know about already. I saw this and thought of you... 'May Hill Masacre' Looks right about your kind of thing. Seems hilly enough. See what you think.

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