Monday, November 05, 2007

Revenge of the killer groin

I know, I know, waaaay too much information but the left side of my groinal area is sore - is groinal a word? probably not, moving on quickly. Obviously, it didn't stop me training because I'm not normal - in a nice way, of course. I even managed to complete the entire session - with my leg remaining attached to my torso - always a bonus, I find.

So to the session. We ran on the road tonight - well, not actually on the road, it was the pavement, anyway, it wasn't the grass for us tonight. It was longer reps and we ran four 5 minute reps of 1.46km with 2 minute recoveries - OK, the lads ran five minutes - I took longer because I'm old, decrepit and slow. I found it tough going, especially into the strongish wind and the lads burnt me off good and proper. I were gert miles behind. But it's good to run with them because once again I was close to shortening the rep length and once again I couldn't live with the shame so battled on to complete the session. My splits were actually pretty decent - for me. I'm surprised by the speed really, 5:09, 5:34, 5:16 and 5:29 (the faster ones are net downhill and the slower, the return journeys - if that makes sense). That's an average of 5:22, which equates to 5:31 1500m pace into a tough wind.

Anyway, I shall be giving myself a rest tomorrow - maybe a burn on the bike down the gym but no running. Then I should be ready for Wednesday - as long as I don't wake up tomorrow to find that my leg has dropped off.

Thought for the day: Indulge yourself by being generous - help someone out, perform an act of kindness, offer a compliment. The person who will feel most uplifted by you having done so is... you.

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