Thursday, November 08, 2007

Eighteen, the magic number

There we go then Nick, I named today's post in your honour - not that you're going to read it today but maybe in a day or two once the 'head' fog clears, eh?

Now to tonight's training. Well, I guess the first thing is to say is that I made it. I was undecided yesterday but after the J-myster divulged the secret location of Mike D's session tonight I could hardly duck it could I? So, it was to Sneyd Park and the hill reps of doom - OK, not quite doom - more, the hill reps of mild slopey-ness that get a little bit steeper near the top and then level off again, whew, glad I got that out of the way - harder to name it than run it - alright, that's not exactly true. It was quite hard work tonight.

Anyway we ran six hill reps (950m) and my times were 3:48, 45, 38, 42, 42, 51. I was close to not doing the sixth but as the sole representative of the boyz (they don't do these sessions just to make that clear) the thought of bringing shame on them filled me with a sense of foreboding doom so I set off in pursuit of the illustrious sixth and final rep. As it turned out that was probably a rep too far but never-the-less I believe tonight's set was my fastest set of six - ever. I've done a set of four a tad quicker but then that's only four.

Not sure what I have planned for tomorrow - probably a rest day.

Birthday thought for the day: Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

PS There must be a problem with my post because my invitation didn't turn up. I was looking forward to a game of spin the plate, musical chairs and pass the parcel - maybe next year, eh, Nick?

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Anonymous said...

O sorry bout tht Dave...i gave it to the people delieveringq your sofa ages ago...did it not arrive?? :P Nick

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