Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another long day

It was another long day at work but successful never the less and managed to get down my new gym at the end of it all. I signed up tonight.

I didn't get out for a run but put in 45 minutes on the bike to try to get a feel for the settings. I tried a routine called cross country. F#&k me was it ever hard - way harder than the other gyms interval session I used to do - and that was a tough session - but this was something else. When I got off my legs were jelly and I had to use all my will power to hold my posture as I walked to changing room so as to not look like a right arse - not that I really care if people think I am or look like an arse. I'm not sure that the cross country setting is going to get selected as my after run session though but it's a damn fine work out - highly recommended.

It is, I'm afraid, a feet up night in front of the telly tonight - I could be falling asleep any time soon...

Thought for the day: You shouldn't worry about the fact that other people don't appreciate you. You should worry about not appreciating other people.

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