Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I've got chills...

They're multiplyin' - but I sure as heck wasn't quite losing control.

It was cold tonight and at the start my heart wasn't in it. I'm feeling really tired at the moment. I'm not ill or anything (other than the virtual insanity) just tired. Tonight Jamie was back in the fold and we had a new member, Danny. We ran six sets of 400m controlled, 30s recovery then 200m fast with a jog back to the start.

I ran poorly on the first couple - here we go I thought - but I actually picked up through the session to finish with some reasonable efforts. My splits were 77, 35 (poor), 74, 33 (not much better), 75, 34 (what the hell is wrong with me?), 74, 34 (at least I'm not getting any worse!), 73, 32 (eh up, what's this?), 71, 32 (where did that come from?). I even managed to chase Sean close on the last couple of 200s. He got a shock when he turned round to see me hot on his heels - groovy.

Anyway, I feel much better for the session and I'm glad I went. Just need to find out where Mike's session is tomorrow - if there is one! The BMC Cross Country is on Sunday so there might not be one - anyone care to give me an update? I've decided I'm definitely not going to run the Weston Prom because I have too much lethargy to race. I will just about be able to summon the will to train but not race.

Thought for the day: He who awaits much can expect little.

PS There might be something in my new pre-race routine of getting hammered the night before. I've now got the results of Sunday's cross country and I actually improved my position from last year by 12 places in a slightly larger field. Added to my good result at Sugar Loaf with a similar build up. It's worth considering...

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