Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bloody marvelous

What a difference a week makes. I felt strong today - not super human but never the less strong. Last week I found the going so tough but that practice run really did do the world of good.

I ran hard today and felt good. Far better than I thought I would. I think I may even have squeezed into the top twenty in a field of about 100 give or take some. And I also managed to beat Stroud's Phil M. We've had a few good races this year but he usually ends up getting the better of me. I thought it was more of the same today as he came past during the first climb but I soon got back on level terms and he followed in hot pursuit all the way, finishing on my heels, just seconds behind. Without him pushing hard from behind - no, cut that out - I would have eased back a bit so I thank him for chasing.

The Sugar Loaf race is 5.5 miles and 1,450ft of climb and I finished in a time of 43:43. Any time inside 44 minutes can be considered pretty decent. Now 44 is a good time, mind you, nothing wrong with 44. If you get 44 you can be happy. If I hadn't managed to get 43 I would have been dead chuffed to get 44 - it's just that you know you've really made it when your time begins with 43 - have some, couldn't resist, sorry, you know I'm kidding.

Well done to Helen F for not only winning the women's race - and she really was in a race - and a close one at that but she also broke her own course record by over two minutes. And well done to Patrick Woodisse for a top ten finish.

Thought for the day: Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

PS, Episode 15: Back To The Top will have to wait until tomorrow

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