Sunday, November 04, 2007

Episode 15: Back To The Top

It was up to Ashton Court today for a recovery run after yesterday's return to fell racing and what, for me, was a sublime few minutes at Sugar Loaf. It was just the four of us, Sean, Rick, Mike T and me. Sean raced in the National Cross Country Relays yesterday but from the outset he was off the front today - I don't reckon he ran fast enough at the relays.

Anyway, Mike T was right up there as well but I wasn't - I couldn't keep up. My quads were feeling the strain from yesterday - we're not talking wrecked - just heavy. I ran for just under the hour while they put in just over. All in all it was a good effort on a nice crisp morning - what more could you want? - well loads actually but that's a story for another day. And I should be recovered ready for tomorrow's reps up on the Downs.

Anyway, without further ado, here is Episode 15: Back To The Top

(if the video doesn't play here is an alternative link to the YouTube version)

And here, for your interest, is the route.

Off now to watch Paula...

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