Sunday, November 18, 2007

Easy as BMC

Didn't have time for training today - busy schedule and all - but went up to the Downs to help with the BMC Cross Country race. I got a call from an anxious Rick to find out where the generator was - I was running slightly behind - stop it - but I got there with at least a minute to spare. Then it was straight over to construction work as Me, Jerry and Dave 'Come on, the lights fading' Taylor struggled to put up the tent in the pouring raining during a howling gale - I exaggerate - but not by much. Then it was time for the racing and I dutifully put on my marshals vest and went and took my position in a far corner of some foreign field. Three hours later I was relieved of duty, cold, wet and thoroughly, terribly p@&$ed off - no, not really, but I was cold - and I couldn't feel my toes anymore - thank the lord for my Gortex shoes or they would have been wet as well.

It was a top quality field in the men's race - those at the front knew they were in a race and that's for sure - but I'm not sure who won, though - from my far flung corner I coulda seea nuffin. Still, a few runners and parents thanked me - ah, I got a nice warm glow on the inside - shame it wasn't the outside! And good to see Jamie running in the U17 race. He might not have finished first but it's the taking part that counts - my arse is it - never the less, well done to him. Sean placed sixth and it looked like he enjoyed it.

I'm now beginning to warm up but my hands are still not operating at full typing speed - maybe in an hour or two - it's all the cold blood running through my veins.

Off to the downs tomorrow for some more high altitude training with the lads...

Thought for the day: Don't let one cloud obliterate the whole sky.

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