Monday, October 15, 2007

What a downer

Only kidding :) It was a great spot of training up on the Downs tonight. The lads were out in force - showing me how it's done. We ran longer reps to a time as opposed to a distance. And it was tough - lung bustingly, lactic inducingly tough. But I managed to hold my own tonight by virtue of the longer reps. Nick and Sean were away at the front but Harry, Ed and me were more evenly matched and I got the impression that Rick was just toying with us - like a tiger plays with his prey before the kill.

The session consisted of two 5:45 efforts (which were 1.6k according to the gps) with 2 minutes recovery then a 3 minute effort (830m) followed by a 4 minuter (1.1k) - should have been two 3:30's but we got a slight mis-measure on the first one - oops. We finished off with two 2 minutes bursts, trying to reach the gap in the trees within 2:20 (660m). I failed on the first attempt by about half a second but just scraped in on the last one.

It was a bloody marvelous session. I'm well pleased - and surprised - to have gone so well but it was a real battle of will to stay with it. The old legs were full of lactic after the first four reps and were it not for the shame I would have felt in the eyes of the gang I would surely not have completed. And another thing, it's tough on the grass in the dark, when you can't see where your feet are going so to manage the first two reps so quick was fantastic.

Quote of the day, courtesy of Ed after going off like a rocket on the second of the 5:45 reps, in response to the question 'You went off like a rocket?' - 'Well, I had to have a pop!' - good answer.

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