Saturday, October 27, 2007

Slowly does it

I made it across to Sugar Loaf and clocked up 17 miles and 4,000ft of climb. Yes, the weather was rubbish - visibility at the top was zero. Yes, I was slow - 2 hours 54 minutes!!! - for just 17 miles - yeh, how pathetic is that and yes, I can't believe how much mountain running stamina I've lost - I am so out of practice. Next weeks race is going to be so hard but despite all that today was still a good day.

Off for a recovery run up Ashton tomorrow before preparing for a fast one over at the Bridge Inn on Tuesday - provided today hasn't taken too much of a toll on me...

Thought for the day: Never give up your dream even though you know you'll never make it.

A couple of pics from today

At the top

Lovely view


Anonymous said...

Sorry, the thought for the day is paradoxical and I don't like it. Built into the statement not to give on a dream, the 'knowledge' aspect betrays the fact it has already been given up on! If anything the statement should say either 'never give up on your dream' or 'if you know your dream is unattainable; give it up!' You can't say both, so what's the position? Call it a hunch, but I'm guessing you won't give it up. Good.

Can I suggest, never give up on your dream, but don't be surprised or upset if one day you lift up your head to the sun and the dream has left you. Another, its friend, will simply have taken its place.

Most important is having a dream (or a passion - yay running!) at all, and not necessarily what it is. With your dreams and your passions, you are blessed. (Views like that just prove it!)

You make prety compulsive reading, thank you. And on your thought for the day, I have thought. So thank you twice. (I promise not to comment again - unless your thought is outrageously controversial in which case, deal's off!)

ps - you don't have to approve this. I don't care at all.

The Mad Runner said...

I agree the TFTD is paradoxical but it's all about being too stupid - or mad - to admit defeat and carrying on with the dream regardless.

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