Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pushed up the hill

It was a small but perfectly formed group of us up at Ashton Court this morning. Mike T was back - and I have to say running remarkably well. Graham C, Rick and me made up the numbers. It was a lovely day for running. The sun shone, the birds sang and life was good - well, OK, life was at least bearable. We ran for about 50 minutes and for me it was a good recovery run.

As we approached the bottom entrance - oh er, misses - I decided to put in an effort, to test how well I would go up the hill to the golf car park. Imagine my shock when Mike T came with me on the first climb to the House. I felt like I was pushing reasonably strongly but he stuck with me. In fact, I would suggest he pushed on past me! It was a worry. As we ran past the house he just went out the front door and I was even more worried. As we approached the final climb up past the deer park and estate managers house I tried again and got into the rhythm of the stomp. I finally managed to break free of Mike and just kept the hammer down all the way to the top. I was blowing hard by the end but it proved to me I still have it - it felt good. Hats off to Mike though, I have a feeling he could be trouble in the coming months - I shall have to keep a close eye on his running development...

Anyway, after the run I headed off down the gym for another tough hour on the Bike. It's all beginning to click back into place. I still can't believe how quickly I've got over the marathon. I almost feel as fit, strong and quick as I ever have. I shall have to test myself at the Bridge Inn - the proof of the pudding will be in the running.

Thought for the day: In every frustration there is a powerful message. Frustration tells you, in no uncertain terms, that something is not as good as it could possibly be.

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