Monday, October 22, 2007

The meter's running...

On the cooking of my Quorn curry - mmmm mmm.

It was another great session on the grass - well, I thought it was great anyway - I think the lads did too, really. Running in the group really helps me keep the focus. I don't think I could put in as much effort solo - in fact, I'm certain I couldn't. It was an ever so slightly longer session than last week. We ran two 6 minute reps, one 5 minute rep, one 3 minute rep and two 2 minute reps to finish all with strict two minute recoveries. It was the same turn out as last week minus Harry - who forgot, or so I'm told, tut tut.

My pace was about as quick as last week, even with the slightly longer reps - so that was good. And I managed to run the last rep, a 2:20 to the trees, exactly as last week. This was my third training day in a row and the previous two days have been reasonably hard - we're talking 4 hours forty worth of running and biking so to be as quick as last week doth please me most excellently. I look forward to the rest of the weeks training with much vigor...

Thought for the day: Even the most difficult challenges, even the most demanding efforts can bring real joy as you work through them.

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