Sunday, October 28, 2007

Only went and did it again...

What you ask? Forgot that the bloody clocks changed today - what a cock - I could have had an extra in bed. On the bright side at least I wasn't late this time - and I realised my faux paux before I turned up an hour early - so no harm done.

Anyway, it was up to Ashton in the pouring rain - how depressing, two days in a row of fine, drizzly rain - the kind that gets you wet. The stalwarts arrived, Sean, Rick, Mike T and Graham - and off we set - well, actually we set off before Graham got there but I was confident he would show so we did a lap by the road to see him arrive. It's great to see Mike so keen - but then he is building for another crack at leg 7 of the Castles Relay.

We managed just under 11k in around 57 minutes and to be honest that was as fast as I could go. It wasn't that I felt particularly achy after yesterday but I was just lacking in the power department. Although yesterday's run showed me my severe weaknesses I actually feel pretty positive that I coped with it reasonably well. I expected to feel far worse than I actually do.

And after the exertions of yesterday and today I decided to be sensible and not follow today's run with my now customary hour on the bike - I only did 45 minutes :)

The quads are now aching a little bit - but they'll recover by Tuesday I'm sure.

Thought for the day: A life is never ended until all the lives it has touched have ended too.

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