Sunday, October 07, 2007

A pleasant return

Do you like the new blog logo? - keep your gob closed if you don't. I'm about as artistic as a grey squirrel marking his nuts up for the winter - it took me bloody ages to draw it - so it's staying.

Anyway, today saw my return to the field of battle since my hard fought, bloody defeat last week at the hands of Berlin the Terrible. I was pleased with the way things went today and felt comfortable. We ran for 55 minutes around and about Ashton Court. I'm going to continue to take things easy this coming week before starting back into what I class as proper training - eating pies and drinking beer - just kidding - speed, interval, hill work and all that jazz.

My right calf is quite tight now but the rest of me is fine. A gentle rub with the magic sponge should put everything back in order.

Thought for the day: My job is secure - no one else wants it.

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