Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gym'll fix it

I managed to get down the gym for the first time since the marathon. The old fit test on the bike registered me as 50.9 which is within 1.5 of my best. When I tried to blast it on the bike my legs didn't feel the most powerful they ever have. Still I think I'm well on the way back to normality - that's almost an oxymoron for me!

Anyway, got to be quick as I'm off out. I've set my target race for my comeback as the Bridge Inn in a couple of weeks time - might as well start with a sprint. Then it'll be off for the 2nd of the South Wales Winter Fell Series in early November. I might, just might, run a race on the 20th October but haven't totally decided. It's probably a bit too soon to really race so if I run it I'll treat it more as training...

Thought for the day: Live every day like it's your last

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