Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well, I managed to fit in three hard sessions this week - the first time for a good few months and you know what? I feel fine.

With the National Road Relays on Saturday there was no Mike D session tonight so instead I went for a steady run in Ashton Court and clocked up a decent enough 55 minutes. I really had my heart set on another tough session so when I came to the zig-zags, in the bottom woods, I could not resist. I decided it would be highly sensible to run five hill loops. What's good about the zig-zag loop is you get a good effort on the way up and because the loop continues round and down on a treacherous, stony path you get good downhill practice as well - bargain. Anyway, once I had the hill reps out the way I was pumped and ran through the twisty, windy mountain bike path at pretty much full tilt. I was bombing and basically blasted the last 25 minutes back to the gym...

... Where - obviously - I put in a 45 minute session on the bike on high interval resistance. I was off the seat a few times with the effort I can tell you. Then it was onto the weights for a bit of work on the old upper body strength. Now that's the way to clock up a 2hr20 session after work - nice.

And you know what? I think I might have a rest day tomorrow before attempting twenty on Saturday on the route that I lovingly refer to as old faithful...

Thought for the day: There's no sense in fighting over the scraps that others might or might not throw under the table. Instead, get busy and create your own magnificent feast.


Anonymous said...

I've just caught up with the blogs of the last week and after the arty banter on Wednesday just had to look at your work. I'm well impressed with the art work, but I'm worried about your priorities - shouldn't a living room have a chair? or am I missing something?
Just getting myself prepared for the A team run in the Nationals tomorrow and scheming the session for Monday.

The Mad Runner said...

There's a hold up with the culling so the leather for my sofa has been delayed (the deck chair is just out of shot)

Good luck tomorrow - don't go over doing though

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