Thursday, October 11, 2007

Alrighty, poetry nighty

A simple rest day was required today so it was just half hour bike and some weights. I still have a bit of the buzz left from yesterday's track session. I was so surprised to be able to a) complete the session and b) knock out a few quick ones - no, shh.

Anyway, the madness is starting to take hold once again. I now feel 98.3512% certain that I'm going to make my fell come back at the Rhinog Horseshoe on the 20th. It's a sprint event weighing in at only 15 miles and 5000ft. If I'm going to run Luton I need to plough on with training and I can think of no better way than a nice scenic run in the mountains - f.a.b.

And now for the poetry - avert your eyes - I did warn you the madness was back...

Drifting, uplifting, it's good to be back
Running and chasing, exhilarating
Wind in my willows, - stop it - race line follows
Slowing and blowing, the effort is telling
Session complete, body heat, neat
Muscles tight, losing the fight
Try as I might, it's good to be back.

Thought for the day: Why does the person that snores always fall asleep first?

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