Monday, October 01, 2007

The flight home

Well we all had a right laugh after the marathon on Sunday and today. It was a bloody great few days - even with the shit time. We managed to get to the after marathon party by about ten thirty on Sunday night - after a few in the local Greek restaurant first of course. I was hammered - to the amusement of the gang - no moon walking this time though. We eventually got home at around four in the morning. Party time - excellent.

Forgot to mention that I met the Great man before the race. He signed my to be thrown away at the start scabby T-Shirt - was meant to sign my race number but as I thrust myself forward my shirt must have dropped down and he signed that. Unfortunately I lobbed it away at the start not realising what had happened and only realised afterwards that he'd signed my shirt and not my race number - what a tit I am. But at least I was up close and personal with the Great man - just wish I could have followed his example and set my own personal target like wot I wanted.

After my exploits during the weekend I've been requested (read - if I don't then they will) to set up a new section on the blog, revealing the dark, inner secrets of the trip - coming soon, Tales From The Dark Side Of The Blog.

Thought for the day: Man who gets home at 23:00 the day after the Berlin marathon should stop writing and get some bloody sleep.

PS Score update. Marcia, running (the entire distance without walking) in her first marathon managed a creditable 4:52. None of us thought she would be that quick - including Andy. That's why I've awarded her the 'Mad Runner Marathon Performance Of The Week'.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Dave I cant believe you! You threw away a t-shirt signed by one of the greatest sportsman in history...on the day he set one of the most amazing world records in sport :o Nick

Anonymous said...

Dave i heard lucky you never lost your shirt at the after party

andy said...

Hi Dave what a weekend. Cant wait to read The dark side of the blog. Hope you can download the special pictures

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