Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In the pack at the track getting back the knack

I couldn't wait any longer. It's only been ten days since the marathon. I was intending to give myself another week off but I just couldn't wait any longer. It was my first proper session on the track - training session, thank you - with the lads for a couple of months. Sure, I've been at the track most weeks but I've been doing my own thing. Tonight I ran with the gang again and managed to stay the distance. All the usual suspects were present and accounted for, Nick, Jamie, Harry and Sean. And I have to say they all seemed to be going well.

We ran fours sets of 600m, a one minute recovery then a 400m with about 3 minutes between sets. I set off like a rocket on the first set - way too fast - just to see if I still had it - [winks at camera] the magic's still there - what bollocks I write. I did slow but still, it doth please me to have made my return. My splits were 1:51, 68, 1:53, 73, 1:59, 75 and 1:57, 73. I thought I was blown - no, don't go there - after the third set but I managed to find something for the last one. I've been quicker, there's no question, but I reckon I can build from this. It won't be long before I'm bombing along again.

My right calf is like a bow string right now but it's easing. It's another couple of rest days for me now before I try a longer run on Saturday to test the water.

Thought for the day: Be open to whatever life brings your way. There is real treasure to be found in it all.

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