Friday, May 08, 2009

Why don't modern TV remotes work further than a metre?

Why are modern remotes so crap? They have no range. As I sit astride the exercise bike not 4 metres from the TV it is barely able to alter the volume. Is it a remote or a proder that you press against the casing of the TV? Oh I remember the days when you could take pride in your remote. The days when you could zap the channel from another room with the signal bouncing off the walls. Of course I can also remember the days before remotes but now we've got the technology we could at least bother to make a decent job of it.

Anyway, I'm currently knocking out 45 on the bike. My legs feel tight from Wednesday so I'm just easing them back in, so to speak.

We're off to Badminton tomorrow to hob nob - or was that, eat Hob Nobs?

Not sure what training I'll fit in...

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