Monday, May 04, 2009

Cribyn time

The lovely weather we've had over the last couple of days had well and truly disappeared as the small gang of intrepids headed over for one last recce of the Cribyn Race - as arranged on the FRA Forums. There was eleven of us in all - counting the three dogs - Helen, Helen, Chris, Nick, Brian, Hanneke, Andy and me. The only absentee was Wheeze who has unfortunately sustained a calf injury - if only he had worn some black gloves while out training - that would've kept him injury free...

My legs felt OK considering my mammoth Saturday run but I was soon languishing towards the back - it was only a social run and everyone was very social about it. As we neared the top of Cribyn the cloud descended and things soon cooled down. It was decided chilly as we stood on top - I'm talking about the weather not the atmosphere at base camp as we awaited the approach of dangerous Andy Mullet. Then it was off down to the saddle and up the other side to Pen-y-Fan.

My face began to freeze off but eventually we all made it safe and sound to the summit. Then it was the enjoyable descent back to the car park and once back safely below the cloud things started to warm up - not the atmosphere within the gang, that was always cheery.

It's funny how the descents always seem so much more enjoyable than the ascents - odd that, must be something to do with the burning sensation you get in your legs when ascending. Anyway, after the run it was down the cafe for a chat with tea and biscuits - 'cept I had a nice cheese and ham toastie - yum - and come to think of it, I had coffee instead of tea, on account of tea being the devil's drink.

I feel thoroughly worn out now so it's time for feet up...

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