Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wet, damp and windy

It was not a great night for a track session. The wind seemed to be coming at us from all directions and after weeks of lots of runners it was just me and Sean. Dave B's group were absent without leave.

Sean and I decided to run four hundreds off short recovery. After my race last night and my fastest 5k for a year - did I mention that? - I wasn't really focused. Sean wasn't feeling great either but he ran really well. I managed just five but in my defense we only gave ourselves 60 seconds - and I was very strict on the recovery. There's never any slippage when I'm in charge and manning the stop watch. I was happy my splits which averaged 75s with a couple of 74s and a couple of 76s. Sean was down on 67s with the last couple on 66s and 65s. After I ran my final lap (my fifth) I ran the final 100m of each of Sean's extra laps to keep him focused against the strong wind. He ran another three followed by three two hundreds. I cracked the whip on the recovery and he finished a fine session - just about still standing.

I don't feel it was my greatest ever session but I have to acknowledge that I raced yesterday - and my bones aren't as strong as they once were.

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