Saturday, May 30, 2009

Suffering in the heat

Don't get me wrong, the sun is great. Without the sun we - that's the entire living ecosystem of planet earth - wouldn't be here but flip me do I hate to run in the scorching heat we had today up atop Cader Idris. It was baking - and I was wilting.

I started out near the front but went steady. After a few miles things were going OK. The climb went on a bit at varying steepness. Some was runnable. Some was joggable and some, well, some was just plain steep. I got to the top in reasonable shape. I'd lost a few places on the way up - I'm still not ascending well on account of not really doing much training - but overall I was pleased.

Then came the rough descent and things started out well. I gained a few places quite quickly. Then things went wrong. I totally ran out of steam. The heat had sapped my strength. I was dehydrated - despite taking on water at all the water stations - and actually stopping to do so - I still failed to beat the heat.

I still managed to keep inside the top fifty, finishing in 47th and a time of 1:53:43. Yes, outside my target of 1:45-1:50 but all the times appeared slowed by the heat so I remain happy. It was a good race.

Did I mention, I HATE THE HEAT.

And Helen took the Silver just behind Eryri's answer to Bruce Lee, Jackie (Lee) - a weak link, I know, but beggers can't be choosers.

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