Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Right, ready to post

Finally after tea has been cooked, consumed and various emails written I've got time to blog.

Tonight's session was more successful than of late. Before the session began I had a twinge in my back - here we go again, I thought - but after a few warm up laps and some strides the twinge disappeared and I was able to start the session.

Sean and the lads ran 400's off a very short recovery of 35-40 seconds - now there was no way I could do that. I opted to run 300's instead with a longer recovery in the region of 90 seconds.

I was actually surprised with my times. I tried to focus on my form - such that my style could be deemed form - and run smoothly and not get tense. I think it must have worked because my first four were 53 seconds followed by a 51. I was aiming for ten reps so I stuck in a three minute recovery at half time before kicking off the sixth and seventh in 52 and 53 but things were beginning to get tough.

It was at this point - the point where I was gasping for breath, on my hands and knees, crawling towards the start line for the next rep - that I decided I would stop if I dropped outside 53 but to my great disappointment I managed the eighth rep in 53 which meant I had to go again - bugger - still I could always fail on the next... but sadly I didn't as I ran a 52 - f#@$. So that meant I ended up running all ten with the final one hitting 51 again and that was me finished.

Then it was home for tea and emails - the circle of blog continues...

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