Sunday, May 10, 2009

The dog show

Well it's been a grand day out. Mr Pedwar finished the day with a fourth, a second and a win. Brown dog, George and Ernie won sod all.I didn't think I'd get any training done this weekend but how wrong can you be. We entered Pedwar and Mrs B in the racing. Pedwars efforts were abysmal. Mrs B faired better by at least finishing the course in a time near the top of the leader board. Helen decided to use her right to a substitution and brought out Ernie who impressed - we gave George a miss as we didn't have all day.While the dogs chased the lure up the 300m course and in the absense of the motor bike, muggins here ran the lure back down the course.I must have run 30 or more reps and an equal number of recoveries back up the course. I now stink like a pig, have legs like jelly and now have to drive back up the M5 home - least I got some good training done...

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