Saturday, May 09, 2009

A day out in the country

My first ever Badminton and the queues of traffic were massive. So big were they that we pulled off into a layby on the A46 and walked about three miles across the fields to get there - on official public footpaths I hasten to add - none of this illegal trespass stuff.

Although the sun didn't get out from behind the cloud much we've both managed to catch the sun. It was a good day though and as they say in the training manual it's time on feet that count and baring about half an hour we spent the day walking or standing watching the riders - and that was six hours worth.

The highlight of the day was the escaped lurcher dog that chased one of the riders for thirty seconds. The rider showed his expertise as he steered his horse around the obstacles without being put off and indeed, he managed to complete a clear round without time penalties. The lurcher, well he was in trouble with the lurcher high council for bringing the lurcher nation into disrepute. Naughty lurchers - you can't take them anywhere - although I'll quickly add that ours were impeccably well behaved.

(And I should also add that the picture form the previous post doesn't seem to have sent - so you'll just have to imagine the picture of horse and rider mid leap).

((Now it's there! Now you don't see it, now you do! - I'll get my coat))

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