Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cold blooded

but I warmed up along the way. We ran a circular loop starting at Mullion on the south coast and heading inland across country to Cadgwith. That part of the run was a bit of mare. At one point we lost the footpath we were following altogether. It was totally overgrown with stinging nettles a plenty. And when it wasn't totally overgrown it was hard to locate - something tells me the locals don't really like ramblers and in our case runners. At the end of that particular section there was a footpath sign at a height of about six inches - either there are a lot of tiny short people in Cornwall or the hypothesis on the not wanting walkers around them yer parts is right.

Anyway, we made it past the worst part only to find the next bit not vastly improved on the clarity of route front. Someone began to get a bit grumpy, especially after taking on water on the shoe front (the cow poo might not have helped). Still, the trusty GPS was partially programmed with the route so worse case scenario was a hop and a skip over some fences to the next route point. Finally we made it to the sea side village of Cadgwith and the coastal path.

The proper running started here. Mrs B still had plenty of running left in her canine frame - and we only had 16k to go. From Cadgwith we headed westward past the Devil's Frying Pan - not that I fancied a fry up at that point - towards Lizard Point. The path wound it's way up and down and around the coast. We reached and passed Lizard Point before finally arriving back at Mullion. I had slowed considerably from around the 20k point - I was gert knackered but just about hung on. Helen had to keep stopping to let me catch up - might not hear the end of that for a while...

In all we covered just over 26k and 2,150 feet of ascent. I am a bit exhausted but it must be doing me good. It is doing me good, isn't it?

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