Monday, May 18, 2009

Cornish pasty

We have been in Cornwall for just over 5 hours and so far I have not managed to locate any of the fabled athlete food. I am, of course, talking about the holy grail of athletic food - the Cornish Pasty. None of that chicken nugget rubbish. That stuff is just for gold medal sprinters. No, it's the Cornish Pasty for me.

The four hour drive down wasn't too bad although the pouring rain was a bit depressing but it hasn't actually rained since we arrived. Making the most of the gap we went out for what turned out to be a nine miler with 1,100 feet of ascent. My legs don't feel great but we only went at a steady pace so I was just about able to keep up with Ernie, the knock kneed pooch.

I'm still feeling knackered so I'm looking forward to a lie in tomorrow ahead of the planned hill reps - no rest for the wicked...

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