Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not quite faster than a speeding bullet

but pretty quick never the less - for me anyway.

The weather held and Sean and I ran with Dave B's group. I guess we've run enough times now that really we're one big group but I still hark back to the days of Rob, Nick, Bruce, Harry and Sean. Oh well, moving on.

The aim of tonight's session was speed, speed and more speed. We ran four sets of 400m, 90 seconds recovery, 300m and 5 minutes between sets - although some of the time keeping was a bit loose but I'll cast no blame for that.

To be honest I can't believe how quick I ran. I ran 69s, 51s for the first two sets. Then 67s, 52s for the third and 67s, 31s for the final one - you might have noticed that the final 300 was on world record pace. There is a good reason for that - it was a 200 on account of the fact that I was wiped out after the last 400 but really wanted to do a final something and a 200 was all I could muster.

Still, I'm really very pleased I ran so quick. I do believe it's the quickest I've run this year! I'm not sure I've even been inside 70 seconds for a 400, so even with the looooong recoveries I'm still pleased. I wasn't sure I could run that quick anymore. There's life in the old dog yet...

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