Monday, May 25, 2009

A time to jog

It's the Bridge Inn 5k tomorrow and although I've just had my best week's training this year I felt very heavy legged today. My left inner thigh - careful - is sore but hopefully tomorrow is another day. Well, of course tomorrow is another day, but I'm hopeful the soreness will have gone and what with all the endurance work I've been doing I hope to stay the distance a little better. I've not put in any work on the speed side of things but that seems to have been coming back over the last few track sessions anyway. So if I find myself recovered then I'll be gunning for my quickest 5k of the year.

So to today and we went for a very easy 5 miles across the fields from home and back through Blaisdon Woods. For me it's been seven runs in eight days - a season's best by absolutely miles...

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