Saturday, May 02, 2009

I might have over done it a little

I'm totally knackered. I should have gone up to Coventry to do a 2k steeple chase but I got so into shelf building I completely lost track of time - when a man has his tool in his hand - I think I'll stop there before I incriminate myself. The shelves are nice but I feel guilty for not making it to the track. I have earnt myself some bad Karma points there.

So having missed the track I went for a long run. I plotted a route. Downloaded it into my gps and then I was off. I headed out from Longhope following the Wysis Way towards Monmouth - that's the final destination of the Wysis Way, not my destination. No, that really would be a long run.

I followed the Wysis over to Micheldean and then up and over to the northern edge of Cinderford before getting into the heart of the Forest of Dean. From there I left the Wysis Way and made my way back home. But not before running under a huge tapestry thing hanging in the middle of the forest - thaims strange things goin up yer. I touched the southern edge of Cinderford and Littledean before going up Green Bottom - stop it - and finally cutting through Flaxley woods and back to Longhope.

Well there it is. I covered 17 miles with 2,500 feet of ascent. I have to admit I thought the route was going to be about 14 but once you take into account all the twists and turns - not to mention the slight deviations from the plan - it soon mounts up.

I'm totally knackered. My left knee had a touch of the old ITB pain in the last three or four miles but nothing to write home about and I'm not far off full scale cramp in the calves. So all in all a bloody good long run - possibly my longest of the year!

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