Sunday, May 24, 2009

B n Q bank holiday

What a scorching day and since today is part of the bank holiday weekend - and I've managed to get over the extended journey home yesterday - I toddled off to B and Q for some diy madness. The madness in my case was to construct the second of my book cases - how jolly mad - and it took bloody ages.

After that it was out to walk the hounds but it was so hot they hardly wanted to move and after half an hour we returned home. That could only mean one thing for George, the canine vaccum, FOOD. So after he had performed his loop the loops - he gets a tad excited at meal times - I dished out the grub and then they all returned to the hard work of sleeping - except Brown Dog, who was up in the Stretton Hills running with H.

I then put in an easy half hour on the treadmill - some training, but not too strenuous. Tomorrow I plan for a proper run. Not sure how long yet but more than half an hour.

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