Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Attack of the killer pasties

We got out for a run before visiting the Eden Project. It rained a little. It blew a little - and then Ernie buggered off. After a few minutes of searching he was located and we made it back to the holiday house. The hill reps didn't really materialise. My calves are sore and H's hamstrings were knackered so there wasn't much point in attempting the hill session - what a band of cripples.

On the plus side I tracked down one of those elusive Cornish Pasties after much searching - and it were right lush - a far cry from them 'orrible ones from a brand I can't mention but I think the letter 'G' features in the brand name.

Anyway, after the visit to Eden we went for a walk along the beach at Carlyon Bay. George found a rotten old fish. He was so pleased, he ran along the beach like a puppy - then Pedwar got hold of said fish and he mysteriously forgot about his injured leg as he too, romped around the beach with it. Ernie was scared on the sea waves crashing on the beach and Mrs B, well she was happy chasing around causing destruction - but to be fair, there was, thankfully, little of that going on today.

We headed back via the coastal path, by the side of the golf course, and fortunately there were no golf related incidents other than George helping a man miss his putt - that George, he's so helpful.

Tomorrow we have a longer run planned along the coastal path around Lizard Point. I'm off to work out the route...

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