Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a busy day

I am so knackered. It was an extremely busy day yesterday but everything went off just brilliant.

The weather just about held for the race. It threatened much but during the race apart from gusting winds the rain kept off. I ran pretty well - Helen beat me out of sight - but I was happy with my effort. As per the norm, I struggled on the ascents but flew down the descents - almost back to my best - the descending that is, not the ascending, no, that was bloody rubbish.

I was wasted by the finish. As I ran off the last of the descent into the penultimate field, with a runner just 30 metres ahead, I put in a burst to catch him. My legs gave way under what can only be termed 'the jelly leg affect'. I fell. Did a forward roll - using this technique to glance back and check there was no one chasing too closely. Finished through the roll back on to my feet before continuing across to the finish. Suffice to say I didn't catch him. For interest, this technique is only ever used by highly expert fell runners to check how far ahead they are - and, of course, those who are completely knackered - I'll let you decide which category I fall into.

Then it was home to wash and dress ahead of our wedding party in Monmouth. It was a great evening with loads of our friends and family - and DJ Phil - and I think everyone had a good time.

Anyway, it's the day after and I'm shattered. I need sleep...

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