Friday, May 22, 2009

Cape Cornwall

Today we turned north and headed for some of the North Coastal Path. In order to avoid the old out and back - as there aren't so many sticky outy bits along the geography on the north coast - I picked a route that headed inland across the heathland to begin with.

Starting from somewhere half way between St Ives and St Just I took an inland route across to the previously mentioned St Just. It was a brilliantly hot day although there was a cool breeze blowing southwards. The north coast - or as much as we saw of it - seems more rugged and wind swept than the south and consequently there didn't seem to be as many villages sat on sea front.

The route through to St. Just was a bit flatter than I was expecting which explains the limited 1,100 feet of ascent but the mileage for the run was just over 11 miles and all good time on foot for me. From St Just I headed to Cape Cornwall and then in an easterly direction along the coastal path to complete my final holday run. Of course, then I followed recent form by downing yet another of those Cornish Pasties - I have become quite expert at spotting them against the background of the myraid tourist attractions and gift shops - I'm thinking of turning pro.

I've manage to clock up 83 kilometres this week in the five days we've been here. That's just under 52 miles for those still operating in old money and probably somewhere near double my weekly mileage. Or to put it another way, last month I recorded a patheticly small run total of 105km. So I've almost equalled that in less than a week and you know what? I'm feeling tired but also much stronger. I feel I've regained a bit of endurance.

I can't wait for my next race, what ever that's going to be...

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