Saturday, February 28, 2009

Short race at Longtown

Another good day for racing... and another good race. I was much improved from Tuesday and had a good run.

That's not to say I'm as good as I once was - but I managed to give Helen a scare as I caught up to her on the ascent. Mind you, she redoubled her effort and slowly edged just that little bit out of reach. It wasn't until the last 100m of the climb that she really got away though. Up to that point I still felt I had a chance but once I got to the top my legs were jelly and I knew I had sod all chance of catching the queen of the downhill. I did catch one or two of the runners ahead though, on what was a descent of about as fast a condition as you'll find in any fell race.

I can't say I felt strong on the way up and a few came past but I felt much better than I did a few months ago. There is still much to be do but I'm feeling better about things.

So, it's the Ironwood Challenge tomorrow and I feel positive, even after racing today, that I can climb into the top twenty. I'd like top fifteen but... well, I guess we'll find out tomorrow. I'm thinking steady, if almost slow, start with a strong finish will be the tactic of the day...

Oh, and here's today's race profile and route of 3 miles and 1,200 feet ascent.

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