Sunday, February 15, 2009

Green shoots of recovery

No, not the economy - that'll be f#@$ed for a good while yet - no, I'm talking running. More importantly, my form. I had a right good race. In fact, it was the first in some considerably time that I've actually had race thoughts - that is, thinking about chasing someone down - or, rather, trying to keep a certain person behind. I really raced it hard and for the first time in absolutely ages I thought I might even manage to pull off the unthinkable - but sadly, it was unthinkable and the certain person caught me, overtook me - and then left me for dead as I faded badly. Still, the green shoots are there - and I gave that certain person a bit of a scare.

The Muddy Woody 6 was a really enjoyable and well organised romp through the woods and does just what it says on the tin - it was run in the woods and was very muddy. Although we did get a chance to wash off the mud during the two river crossings - OK, river crossing is a bit grand - but the water did come up to me crown jewels on the second crossing - chilly.

Well done to Wye Valley Runners for running the event - there was even free coffee and a doughnut awaiting us at the finish - and a T-Shirt, and a cuddly toy, a fondue set, champagne glasses - no, hang on, that was the Generation Game.

On a final note, I reckon I was maybe, 25th overall, which, from a field of possibly three hundred is pretty good. Helen was just ahead - strange that - and took first in the womens' race, and first vet - probably shouldn't have said that - I'll get my coat.

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