Thursday, February 12, 2009

Give it some lunch

Well, I managed another lunch time run. Two in a week - that's a flippin' pb - and there's me thinking I might never get another one - back of the net. Seriously though, dang it, I'm not going to be serious. It was good to get out and up over Dundry. I ran solo on account of the fact that both Graham and Clive had run to work.

My calf was a bit sore for the first ten minutes or so but it didn't stop me pushing the pace. I put in a steady effort up the hill and from there on in it was all downhill. I completed in bang on 32 minutes which is about two minutes quicker than the last time I ran it. All in all I pleased with the run. It makes up for my lame - nice - session last night.

Not sure if the hat trick is on though...

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