Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oops I didn't do it again

I was going to the track tonight. Really, I was. Don't look at me that way. Stop it already... I didn't. Boo.

Work took me out into the cold. I wasn't expecting it to be that cold since the temperatures of late have been getting higher and higher - it was practically summer during the weekend - it damn well wasn't down by the reservoir. I got right cold and by five I'd fair had enough. Still the trials all went well and I collected some good data but I was a little chilled - and not in a cool dude kind of way.

Suffice to say I'm making my excuses because I didn't make the track session. I feel bad. I wanted to but by the time I got away from work my neck muscles where feeling a bit achy. Generally it does seem better. I will be taking my kit to work tomorrow and will try my upmost to get out for a lunch time run - even if it's a slow jog. This week has been a disaster. I want to draw a line under it right quick and move on...

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