Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easing down for the National

... I only hope I don't come unseated at Becher's Brook.

Danny was absent tonight but Bruce and Sean were there. We ran relaxed this evening on account of the Cross Country coming up on the weekend - yes, I'm going to run it as well. I haven't run the National for, well, a long time and when I did I didn't even manage to finish inside the top one thousand! - so I'm not sure that really counts as running it anyway. It's going to be triple figures this time out - I'm thinking top 999. Seriously, I'm aiming to go a bit inside that if I can but at 12k I might fade a tad in the latter stages. A steady start might well be the order of the day. Apparently Parliament Hill is, with a clue in the name, a little hilly.

Anyway, enough of the diversion, what about tonight? Well, as I said, we ran an easy session; 600, 500, 400, 300, finishing with three 200's all run at an easy pace. I felt good - almost smooth - but I'll not go quite that far. Never the less there wasn't much of the normal tense shoulders and I even finished those last few 200's in 32/31 seconds while still remaining totally relaxed - perhaps I should change disciplines - maybe not.

Right, I'm off to do my pushups...

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