Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Out with the water board

I felt like a run. My right calf muscle still feels a bit sore but I wanted a run. As twelve o'clock - or high noon, if you prefer - approached, I hot footed it over to Clive T's work area. I did my risk assessment and then enquired as to whether he would like to join me for a run and after a bit of cajoling, the man from technical drawing, he say 'yes'. Graham was nowhere to be seen.

As I mentally prepared, Graham strolled back into the office and enquired as to whether I would like to go for a run. I said, "That's funny, I've already spoken to Clive about going for a run" and then he said, "Bugger off then, the two of you obviously don't need me" and burst into tears - only joking. A few minutes later the three of us headed out for twenty five round the park and back.

It was good to hear Clive's moaning and grumblings again, as we carved our way through the snow and ice - some things never change, and you know what? in a way, that's quite reassuring...

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