Wednesday, February 04, 2009

In your dreams

Well, tonight I received an email from the Bristol Half-Marathon mob informing me that now is the time to enter their fantastical 10k. I don't want to knock all those people who are going to run but there is no way I am going to be parting with £2 per kilometre to run up and back the Portway. Yes, the entry fee is a whopping twenty quid.Not sure if that's the affiliated price or not, but even if that's the unaffiliated price it would still make it eighteen. Or to put it another way, that's the price of entering 9, yes nine, fell races - now, I know where I'll be spending my money. Right, enough of the bitching, time for the session.

All the recent attendees were, well, attending. Danny, Bruce and Sean as well as Rick and Bruce's dad of course. We ran with Dave B's group making it a big group - and we took over the track. We ran two 900's followed by three 500's and then three 300's all run with around ninety seconds of recovery - although those at the front might have got a bit more. Oh yeah, and it was cold, very very cold - there were icicles forming on my 'blank'.

I ran well - not great, but then I sure as heck don't expect to - but it's a start that I want to continue. It's the second Wednesday in a row that I've come away feeling positive. That's not to say it was easy - it was far far from the madding easy. I struggled for breath after each of the shorter reps but I managed to recover in time to start the next and my groin - too much information, I know - started to ache.

My splits were satisfactory. 3:20, 3:15 then 1:41, 1:37, 1:37 and 54s, 54s, 52s which meant I managed to run the progressively shorter reps at a progressively quicker pace - back of the net.

Oh, and I've completed day 2, week 2 of the pushups and situps plan - topper.

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