Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scoring for the team

It was the first time I have ever scored for team Bristol and West - and at the Nationals to boot! I should put my hands up and say we didn't have a complete team - boo - so I could, in fact, have walked around the course dressed as a pantomime horse and still scored for the team.

Having said all that, I felt I had a good run. I started steady - read towards the back - and picked my way through the field - much like my tactics at the Midlands - and it worked. I finished pretty strong and actually managed a negative split. The best bits for me were the muddy up hill sections. Where those around me struggled I seemed to bound - OK, bound may be a little strong - up, skating across the surface, gaining multiple places - topper.

My finishing time was around 56:45, and on a 12k course with 900 feet of ascent that doth please me greatly. I'm surprised I made it inside the hour and comfortably at that. I haven't a clue what my position was but it had to be in the tripple figures and no worse. I guess I will find out when the results are posted online. Fingers crossed.

Helen was 62nd but seems to be ailing even as we speak. With the first of the championship fell races coming up in two weeks I hope it isn't going to be a bad one. Still, 62nd isn't bad - at least it's double figures.

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