Monday, February 16, 2009

Made it home Monday

Well after the snow, the hail, the fire and the volcanic activity of recent weeks, I finally made it home on a Monday night - back of the net.

My legs are a bit achy but not too bad. I elected the exercise bike as the training weapon of choice and banged out half an hour. I also carried out day 1, week 4 of the pushups - and the situps - and if I thought last week was getting tough, this week puts the icing on the cake. Heaven only knows hard weeks five and six are going to be. Still, stranger things have happened at sea.

And I was spot on with my result from yesterdays race, 25th on the nose - commentators eye, no hang on, that should be runner's eye, or maybe runner's leg? Whatever. Helen made the top twenty in, you guessed it, 20th place but only 28 teeny weeny seconds ahead of me - I sense a changing of the guard...

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