Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not quite right yet

It was so icy on the track tonight that we would have been better off dancing on it. So instead of risking a fall - well, they do say the elderly have a greater risk of slips when it's icy - we headed out onto the roads instead. OK, not actually the road, more the pavement on account of not having a death wish, well only a small one anyway.

Right, it was the full crew again tonight - although we had forgotten about Bruce as we headed out - but fortunately they passed us in the car and Mike bundled Bruce out in front of us, forcing us to slow down to avoid mowing him down as we pounded the pavement - just kidding. Oh, and Jerry was back at the track but he was on his plan B to use the top bend, where it had thawed slightly, for shorter reps.

The lads ran a fartlek session of around thirty five minutes while Mike and I pootled along, off the back. After about ten minutes of running my right calf tightened up and there was no chance I was going to go any faster than an easy jog. I'm glad I did something though, if only for the psycholgical affect if not the training one - and I have day 2, week 3 of the pushups plan - not forgetting those pesky situps as well, mind. I shall be starting out on those in a few minutes...

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