Sunday, March 01, 2009

Nancy Muriel

That's the name of the Eddie Stobart lorry I passed on the way home and has absolutely naff all to do with, well, just about anything at all, really.

Oh, I guess I should mention the race. It was brilliant. Very enjoyable and I did what I said on the tin - I made the top twenty. Only just, mind, but I'm chuffed with my 19th place (47:50) and even though I was 1 minute and 45 seconds slower than last year - bearing in mind I didn't race the day before last years race - I'm getting closer to fitness.

Mark D was out for a run and his fitness is showing. I'm not sure of his finishing position but he was in the thirties from a field of well over the century - and he's pledged to run a leg of the Cotswold relay for me, provided I can enter a team and haven't left it too late.

Right, about the race - that's the Ironwood Challenge. First off I have to congratulate Nailsea RC for putting on another perfectly executed race - no, they didn't kill anyone. There were lots of marshalls and plenty of cake at the finish - what more could you want?

I ran a controlled race. Starting steady, I worked my through the field in the first two or three kilometres. Then things settled down and my position stablised. I guessed I was towards the top twenty but couldn't be sure I was inside so I had to stay focused and continue to work hard to the finish. If I got anything wrong with the tactics, it was going off a little too steady because the first kilometre is a bit single carriage in places, especially on the first downhill section and I was slightly blocked, wanting to go faster, with the handbreak off, but couldn't - not without trampling the man ahead to the ground - and that's not my style.

Oh happy day. Bring on the next race...

The profile and route of todays race, for those interested (distance 9.7km, 1,200 ft ascent).

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